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How to get your packaging looking its best through stickers

If you do a Google search for the term “unboxing”, you will find 187,000,000 results. So-called unboxing videos have millions of views. How is this relevant? Well, in essence, this trend is about product packaging. It shows off and rates the effort a brand has made beyond the point of purchase. It proves how important well thought through product packaging is, especially if your market is competitive. 

Now, what can you do to make your product packaging look amazing without spending loads of money on product or graphic designers or over-priced materials? In this article, we will share exactly that with you: quick, effective tips you can action right away to elevate the look of your product packaging. 

All of our tips revolve around custom stickers and labels. Sticker printing is a great way to quickly add value to any packaging in any industry. It also does not matter whether you are part of a startup or a multinational business. Stickers are the flexible marketing tool that can help you cater to multiple channels and reach new customers. Does that sound good? Then read on!

  1. Make it fit your brand 

Branding has become a real buzzword in recent times. It is much more complex than adding a logo sticker to your packaging. Branding describes all the associations a consumer has when they hear your business name or see your products. These associations come from experiences, recommendations or the media. But they also depend on how you present your brand and what your business represents. 


Your packaging should mirror your core values and features. Stickers can help you achieve that without any hassle. While logo stickers are not a one-fits-all solution, we definitely recommend including them in your packaging design, simply to create familiarity with your brand name. On top of that, make use of the different stickers materials on offer


The great thing about using custom stickers is that you are not only free to choose your design, shape and size, you can also choose the material you want your stickers printed on. This opens many possibilities for your branding. Do you sell luxurious, high-end products? Think about using a premium silver or glitter label to communicate your standard to your customers. If you are a green, environmentally friendly business, go for sustainable and compostable stickers.


  1. Appreciate your customers 


Branding often boils down to the way consumers feel about a brand. Use stickers not only to add value to your packaging, but to communicate with your customers. Think about it, especially if you run an e-commerce business, the first physical interactions your customers have with your brand is beyond the point of sale. 


Your order arriving at their home is the first real-life impression you can leave behind – make sure it sticks. We love the look of custom printed labels that are used to seal packages. Use this space to leave your customers a well-meaning, warm message that tells them how happy you are that they have put their trust in you. 


It might seem simple, but this is a great way to show customers appreciation. It also means that your parcel will stand out from the rest of the orders customers might be receiving during the week and shows that your brand is willing to go the extra mile.


  1. Keep the surprises coming


Even the best product packaging can only surprise customers so many times. After a few re-orders, they already know what to expect. How can you make the element of surprise work for you every single time? 


With stickers, you are super flexible. Instead of re-printing your entire packaging every month, you can simply switch up the stickers you are using. Easy and stress-free, especially when you choose a professional sticker printing company to do the work for you. 


On top of that, we recommend adding ever-changing free stickers with every order. This is a true power move, as stickers are not seen as a form of advertising. Quite the opposite, in fact: we perceive stickers as gifts. This evokes all the positive associations we link to gift giving, and, in this case, transfers them to your brand. 


This not only increases the likelihood of repeat purchases, but also means that your customers are more likely to actually use your stickers as their personal phone or laptop stickers, increasing your reach massively.




What do you think? Do you want to give custom stickers a try and level up your packaging? We cannot wait to see your designs, so please feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Should you have any questions, please also leave them below, and we will get back to you.