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MenScript Vs. Manual vs. the hair Loss Review – Are They Legit?

MenScript, Manual are the best known, online suppliers of hair loss products. While these companies might be new in the world of hair loss prevention however, their products have been used for a long time and each of them offers a variety of, MHRA approved drugs that can legitimately help prevent male pattern baldness for most males.

Within the United Kingdom, medical researchers have found that 2/3 of men begin experiencing “appreciable hair loss” by 35 years of age, and by age 50 many men suffer from complete “thinning.” Going bald is unpleasant, but thanks to modern medicine, many men can prevent this depressing negative side effect of aging. MenScript and Manual are two brands that have been proven through clinical trials to slow, prevent and sometimes even reverse male pattern baldness.

This article will look at these three companies and learn about how the solutions they offer work, how they can be accessed as well as the cost they will cost.

MenScript vs. Manual

MenScript and Manual have been among the most well-known among the current, telemedicine providers who treat hair loss in the UK. They function in a similar way and after a short online consultation with an accredited health care provider or licensed specialist, MenScript and Manual will provide you with a treatment plan that may include prescription drugs. In contrast to traditional doctor appointments, most don’t need a video call or phone conversation with the medical professional. So you don’t need any obligation to “talk” to anyone.

If you’re a great person to take the medicine, MenScript and Manual will send the medication right to your house in discreet packaging. Therefore, you can talk to a medical professional, get an online consultation and prescriptions – and then have the medication delivered to your home without having to leave your sofa. There is no appointment needed.

The two doctors recommend a similar solution. Finasteride, an oral medication as well as Minoxidil which is a topical product that is applied to the balding areas of your scalp.

What do Manual and MenScript Cost?

You’ll often find discounts, introductory prices on the MenScript and Manual’s websites. The overall cost is usually much, much lower than what you would pay if you visited your primary care physician, and then bought your medications at the local pharmacy. Also, it’s easier to conduct the entire procedure on the internet.



  • Initial Doctor’s Consultation: FREE



  • Finasteride Cost Alone: PS22 per month



  • Minoxidil Price Alone: PS15.00 per month



  • Finasteride as well as Minoxidil Bundle cost: PS34.95 per month


MENSCRIPT Hair Loss Treatments



  • Initial Medical Examination: FREE.



  • Finasteride Cost Alone: PS28 per month



  • Minoxidil Price All by itself: PS22.00 per month



  • Finasteride and Minoxidil Bundle Price: PS48.00 per month


Which is better, MenScript or Manual ?

It’s obvious that MenScript, and Manual both are competing to get your hair’s attention But which one is better for you?

We like the fact that each firm has their own perspective on Telemedicine. MenScript now provides additional “regular” online doctor visits, in addition to offering anti-balding medications. In addition, Manual now has ED medications, hair and skin programs and more.