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Neptune is our association with the snare of life, the hallowed content of our reality. Neptune is the ‘space in the middle, all that can’t be seen or characterized. 

Presumably the most secretive and misjudged planet of our solar framework, Neptune rules Pisces, the last indication of the zodiac, behaving like astrology zodiac sign  the ‘last outskirts’ of our reality, where everything converges into unity, the Source where we as a whole rose out of and where we will all re-visitation of. 

Neptune needs to break up our sense of self so we can be ONE with the Source. 

At the point when Neptune is immediate, we search for encounters of ‘unity’ outside ourselves. 

At the point when Neptune is retrograde, we discover this space of ‘unity’ inside. The inner world turns out to be present the prolific soil of the creative mind, where everything gets conceivable. 

During Neptune stations, we can feel that the entire Universe is our ally. The sea, the sky, the mountains, each plant, every creature, everything is God manifesting and appearing from that spot of culmination, of flawlessness. 

The message of Neptune is that there is solidarity past the inner selves, bodies, and that division is just a hallucination. This truth of extreme solidarity can’t be clarified with our restricted cycles of the psyche; it must be capable. We can’t “demonstrate” Neptune. 

However, Neptune is additionally connected with a dream, fancy, and trickery. The Catch 22 of Neptune is that when we begin to accept a lot in this flawlessness, in this solidarity, we lose ourselves; we have no home to return to. 

When we understand we have ‘lost ourselves, the inclination is to remain considerably more in this space by utilizing medications, liquor, and other artificial middle people. 

Like with each spell, Neptune sorcery doesn’t keep going forever. 

At the point when Neptune is retrograde, it is alright to plunge into the Neptunian holy waters to interface with that sacred space, as long as you remember to take your jumping gear with you. 

Mentally, Neptune is portrayed by our drive to get back to the belly. 

Regardless of how magnificent our life is, the yearning to get back to the Source, to discover the heaven we had lost when we appeared, is consistently present. 

When Neptune is fixed, or when we have Neptune travels to individual planets or points, we want to converge with an option that could be more prominent than ourselves. Our sense for protection breaks down, and we let ourselves plunge into the obscure, with no dread. 

‘I never strolled close to the edge. 


Used to fear falling 


I never swam a long way from shore. 


Never attempted the mysterious entryway. 


However, when you give me love. 


At the point when you give me love 


I have no dread of statures, 


No fear of the dark blue ocean, 


Even though it could suffocate me, 


I realize it could choke me.’