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What Does a Window Fitter Do?

Window fitter is responsible for installing doors and windows in residential and commercial buildings. They make sure that it has been fitted for purpose and is weathertight. The job role of window fitters can be summarized as follows.

  1. They are best suited when you want to remove old doors, windows, or conservatories.
  2. Due to their experience, they are best known for accurately measuring space for new doors & windows.
  3. For any window and door installation, whether single- or double-glazed
  4. They can also build conservatories and glasshouses. 
  5. In order to enhance the energy efficiency of any building, contact window fitters who utilize sealing fittings. 
  6. Window fitters can work with either UPVC, wooden fittings, or metal. 
  7. Also, after completion of service, they always clean the leftovers.

What are the Skills Window Fitters Require?

Listed below are some of the primary skills a window fitter needs:

  1. Knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with building and structure. 
  2. They should have good logical thinking abilities and can solve basic math. 
  3. Window fitters should always concentrate on petite details.
  4. Working under pressure should be one of their strengths.
  5. Their potency should be demonstrated through their hands.

How Much Does a Window Fitter Earn?

The salary of a window fitter directly depends upon the number of years he has experience in the field. Window fitting job requires extreme acuity, keenness, and sharpness. The following are tentative salary expectations of the window fitter:

  1. If you are a newly qualified or trained window fitter, you can nearly earn £15,000
  2. If you have good experience as a window fitter, expect £25,000.
  3. Many self-employed window fitters do not prefer to work with agencies. Such type of  fitter has their own charges per hour. 

Also, these are tentative numbers collected from numerous industry sources. Of course, other factors, such as location, time, equipment, etc., also play a massive role in your salary count. 

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